A self-learner's quest

Noodles.dev is a project created by Vladimir Gorea, a software engineer, self-learner, that wanted a better way to organize knowledge for making learning easier.

As so many software developers, I started software development by myself after a quick and dirty introduction to C++ in highschool. Internet access back then was not widely available and there wasn't any Stackoverflow or youtube.

Now, the amount of resources is staggering, but it doesn't make learning easier as the ecosystem has grown in complexity as well and is difficult to choose which course, book or tutorial to follow.

I, as many others, learn by doing first a research on the subject, then gathering resources to follow. I write down a summary and save anything helpful in a folder or a file about the subject. It was after repeating the same process for many times that the idea of noodles.dev struck me.

Why don't we all share notes and resources about learning?

This is the idea behind noodles.dev - a community curated content and structure for learning software.

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Free and easy software learning

The world needs more and more software engineers but learning software is difficult without proper guidance. It's not only learning the syntax of a programming language or alghorithms that is neccessary but also how to integrate into the complex real-world enviroment. With the help of the community we can make it easier for anyone to become a good software engineer.

Organize the chaos

There are so many articles, books, technologies, options in software these days that it can create "choice paralysis". Less inexperienced learners need your expertise in reviewing and organising the available learning resources.

Grow and earn together

By adding and improving learning resources the users get points measuring their contribution. Members creating and curating content will be compensated proportionally by sharing the profit with them. In the near future we plan to issue crypto tokens for repaying their effort.


Noodles.dev will always be free for their users! Funding will come through donations and advertisments such as jobs and closely related ads.

Donations in ETH to 0xb8775FD1467C18276715Cb88a5d97A77562c693B