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Test iulian

Created by iulian
Django from scratch for beginners

Advanced Python 3

Created by vladimir
A collection of advanced topics in Python 3: - generators - coroutines - multithreading

Programming Theory

Created by vladimir
A collection about programming theory. Data Structures, algorithms, systems architecture

Python Fundamentals

Created by vladimir
A collection with resources explaining fundamental concepts in Python
Overview of what frontend development is and what are its basic building blocks.

Web Development Overview & Basics

Created by vladimir
Understanding what web development is, its components and the basics of it. Very high level, minimal technical details
A collection of resources for anyone just starting to learn Javascript. Fundamental stuff like scoping, the DOM API, dynamic typing, etc

Backend Fundamentals

Created by vladimir
A collection for getting introduced into backend web development. What is it? What purpose does it serve? How to learn? What to expect?

Learn Docker

Created by vladimir
Learning Docker for absolute beginner. One needs to know about Linux, VMs, containers, images, what's it good for and so on