Asynchronous Programming

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Processing multiple tasks while waiting for time consuming operations to finish.

Asynchronous programming allows a user to go about his business in an application while background processes run, improving the user experience.


  1. Initiate 3 file downloads. There is a big waiting time while the server sends all files.
  2. Only wait for the first download to finish instead of waiting for all 3
  3. When first download finishes, start processing it, then go on the next finished download and so on until all downloads are processed.

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A theoretical concept proposes a solution to a theoretical problem
Experienced Level

A variant of functions that enables concurrency via cooperative multitasking



Articles, tutorials, courses or books

Promises Basics

Jan. 12, 2021 by Article

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A good explanation of how to use the concept of *promises* and asynchronous programming in Javascript

JavaScript Promises - MDN docs

Jan. 4, 2022 by mozilla Article

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The MDN (mozilla developers) documentation on Promises. Lots of explanations and in depth examples.